30 Oct 2018

Research Technician Position (OdorContext)

Research Technician Position (OdorContext)
Date: 30 Oct 2018
Location: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon -POrtugal
Employer: Champalimaud Foundation through and with FCT funding
Job Type: Full Time
Position: Technical
Application starts: 30 Oct 2018
Application ends: 10 Dec 2018

Are you a highly motivated individual looking for research experience working in a dynamic environment? Are you interested in working on topics ranging from neural circuits to electrical circuits; from virtual reality to animal behavior? Do you enjoy working independently as well as being a part of a collaborative team? We are looking for you!

The Position
We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our collaborative team, at the Mainen Lab, to study spatial navigation and odor memories using state of the art techniques in neuro-electrophysiology and behavioral neuroscience in awake behaving rodents. You will work in a team to develop a novel behavioral task in virtual reality and closed loop systems to understand the neural circuits underlying odor guided spatial navigation. You will have the opportunity to work independently as well as learn from highly experienced colleagues.

This position will include a broad and evolving range of tasks, including:
» Development and implementation of closed-looped rodent behavioral task
» Electrophysiological recordings from neural ensembles
» Optogenetic expression and manipulations
» Rodent neurosurgery and neuro-anatomical experiments
» Computational analysis of neural and behavioral data

The Project
Olfaction is dynamic and highly associative, and environmental contexts heavily influences olfactory experiences. In addition to odor discrimination, knowing what you have experienced before (odor recognition) is also critical for animals. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and neurophysiology to provide a mechanism for the encoding of context in olfaction.

The Candidate
Any national, foreign and stateless candidate(s) holding a Bachelor’s degree.

Essential qualifications
~ Bachelor’s degree in engineering, neuroscience or other research areas relevant to computational methods, animal behavior, and a demonstrated ability for independent and creative research
~ Good capacity and value for teamwork, and communication skills
~ Ability to work and learn independently, critical thinking and problem solving ability to independently develop research project
~ Experience with computer hardware/electronics
~ Experience with computer programming (e.g. C, Python, Matlab) ideally in the context of data analysis
~ Fluency in English

Additional optional qualifications
~ Research/technical experience in with configuration of computer/optical/electronics hardware.
~ Research experience with neurophysiology and rodent behavior.
~ Experience in any of the following areas will be beneficial to the application: animal behaviour experiments, particularly in rodents; data analysis and modeling; theoretical neuroscience.
~ Development at the interface between hardware and software (e.g. Rasberry Pi, Arduino, NI-DAQ) or engineering experience.

To Apply
Submit a single document (paper or PDF) that contains a motivation letter and CV, both written in English, collectively not exceeding 4 pages. Applications can be sent by email, with subject “RT2018 POO YourLastName”, to the email address careers@research.fchampalimaud.org.
Applications are also accepted in paper, sent or handed to the HR & Fellows Support Office at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Questions? Contact Cindy Poo

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